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Running is medicine

This past year of my life has been hands-down the most stressful and emotionally draining in my entire almost 34 years on planet earth.  It was a year ago this past weekend that my husband and I made the official … Continue reading

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Part of being a runner means we have to be closely in tune with what our body is sometimes screaming at us. A lot of times we get really really great at ignoring those blatantly obvious warning signs and injury … Continue reading

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Winter weather blues…how to avoid them

As long as the weather we are having right now in Minny sticks around for the next 6.5 weeks, I am GOLDEN for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. 50+ degrees, very little wind, and sunny? Yes, please! I won’t … Continue reading

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I’m having the “You just ran a half marathon, what the heck is your problem?!?!” week

Now that I’m done with my last half marathon, I was finally able to take out my new beauties on the road for a few test runs. This morning they went out for 5.5 miles, and if it were possible … Continue reading

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EPIC FAIL of avoidance

It’s Twin Cities Marathon weekend and I’ve been doing my very best to avoid hearing about it at all costs. I’m failing miserably. I will be working the whole weekend literally 2 blocks from the finish line for both Saturday … Continue reading

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Running with kleenex

Sunday morning I had a rather rough go of it out on the road. I did 5 miles of my getting-to-be-pathetic post-injury run/walk scenario only really running 3.91 of that. And every single scheduled walk break, I was obliterating kleenex. … Continue reading

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Oh summer…how I hated you

Well…summer’s pretty much over now that we’ve passed Labor Day. The leaves are already starting to turn (have been for a few weeks now) in our area, and there’s talk of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and football all around us.  … Continue reading

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I’d like to introduce you to my “not-so-little” friend…

Have ya’ll met “Beauford the Boot?” No? Well you should! Introducing “Beauford!” I thought maybe if I named my walking boot, my disdain towards it wouldn’t be as huge. Beauford goes with me to work every day and anywhere else … Continue reading

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Well I’m over it.

With a tibial stress injury, there sure isn’t a whole lot I can do cardio-wise and it’s making me crazy in my brain. I haven’t had a good heart-racing workout in almost 2 weeks and I feel very “sloth-like” right … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do…

Well friends… THIS is in my future for a while. My doc sent me over a fax of the MRI results this morning. There’s a 6 cm stress reaction along the middle part of the tibia. It is not a full … Continue reading

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