I don’t post much about it on here, because I realize this is a running-related blog, but this was me last night…

I’m in the middle of a 120-hour 2 week stretch at work, and I’m required to attend a seminar on my “day off” on top of it. Our final home study interview at our house was bumped up 10 days than originally scheduled for early next week. My house is so filthy I’m horribly embarrassed. I haven’t been home in days to sit down and get all the reading finished, the book reports written up, our adoption profile book completed (holy hugemongoid project, Batman), all the rest of the forms filled out and research completed, let alone actually deep clean our house.

Every little added unexpected thing that comes up just sends me over the edge.

I’m a hot mess.

After staring at the computer for 11 hours yesterday, I keep reminding myself this is for the greater good. I’ve found myself in constant prayer asking God for His guidance and for me to continue to find my strength in the midst of stress, as I realize this is not even close to the amount of stress we are about to face in this process. I am truly thankful for the moments I am able to be out either on the road, or practicing yoga, or the short time I’m able to just ride away some of that stress on the bike or the elliptical. Exercise and doing something productive towards my health has been the “calm” in the midst of this chaos right now and I’m so thankful it brings me such peace in a time of need.

Do you find running/working out/yoga to be a huge stress reliever?

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2 Responses to Reality

  1. Kristi says:

    Yes…running is my escape!!

  2. KimPossible says:

    I’m so sorry, that all sounds hugely stressful! But on a lighter note, your hair looks fabulous ;)

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