I’m having the “You just ran a half marathon, what the heck is your problem?!?!” week

Now that I’m done with my last half marathon, I was finally able to take out my new beauties on the road for a few test runs. This morning they went out for 5.5 miles, and if it were possible to marry a pair of shoes….well…sign me up!

Unfortunately, I’m having a tough go of it coming back after the half marathon. I’ve only run 2 times since then, both around 5+ miles, and it’s like you would think the world was coming to an end in my brain out there. I just CANNOT get moving. My legs feel so heavy at times. I think that I’m busting out some insane crazy fast pace, only to glance at the Garmin and see 10:20+. Cardio-wise I feel like I’m sucking wind. It’s poop-tastic.

Fortunately I have been through this before, and remember all too well after Fargo in May, it took me a solid 2 weeks to feel like myself again. I also have to remember that my speed is nowhere near where it was back in the end of June prior to diagnosis. I was all set to PR my 5K the first week of July (had my first DNS) and now it’s all about distance, so clearly things aren’t going to feel/be the same. Um…hello? I’ve barely run at all since then. So I’m not sure why, when I get out there on the road, I’m expecting astounding results. It’s like this inner war in my brain that sounds something like this…

Evil Coco: “Hey there. You just ran your second half marathon. You’re already sucking wind at mile 2 of 5? LOSER! How did you even survive last weekend?”

Realistic Coco: “Courtenay. Don’t be ridiculous. You clearly are dealing with some natural fatigue. You ran a half marathon totally untrained and it was a great run. Revel in it a bit longer and enjoy this pace.”

Evil Coco: “Nice ‘speed work,’ moron. 9:00 pace feels like death. A few months ago it was comfy. Say goodbye to ever having a PR again.”

Realistic Coco: “You cannot expect to be running at the same place you were 4 months ago. You have been through a lot. Because of your prior experience, coming back from this won’t be nearly as difficult as it would be starting completely over. You have this. Give yourself a break for a couple of weeks and you’ll be back before you know it.”

Be thankful you’re not my running coach who has to repeatedly talk me off these ledges a lot.

It’s ugly to be me sometimes.

It’s a 2-part battle playing out in my running life right now. There’s a battle of dealing with the idea of proper recovery post-race and the battle of re-defining what my baseline needs to be in order to avoid breaking my dumb tibia, and properly coming back and avoiding the boot at all costs again in my future.

How have you dealt with issues like this in the past? Please tell me I’m not the only one who fights inner battles like this out on the road.

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2 Responses to I’m having the “You just ran a half marathon, what the heck is your problem?!?!” week

  1. Day's Run says:

    Can I be blunt?! You’re running so why are you complaining!?! My last good run was on August 11, 2012. I ran a half marathon that day and received the nice gift of a stress fracture. Femoral neck stress fracture. Every day feels like someone kicked me in the groin. I’ve missed my full marathon in September. And now I’m set to miss my half in November. Oh and to be running a 9:00 m/mile!?! I could only dream of that. I would love to be running right now. Walking anywhere these days involves crutches. So please tell me what are you complaining about? Forgive me if I hit too hard. It’s not been an easy recovery and I’m sure you’ll be fine with time (as will I).

    • Courtenay says:


      First off…I am sorry you were so offended by my post. I can totally appreciate why you would be as I too, am coming back from a stress injury of the tibia. Not sure you are aware of my entire summer off and having to miss out on multiple races as well. As someone who has had 18 different running injuries this past year and a half and $15,000+ of medical insurance claims due to injury, I can appreciate your stance. With that being said, I am allowed to be frustrated and vent on my own personal blog. I realize a 9:00 pace is fast for some people. Running is a very individual and personal endeavor. As a runner, I would think you would understand that. I am going to assume your comment comes from a very deep and personal hurt place, as I have been there myself a lot before. The “complaining” comments I made, as was clearly defined in the structure of my post, were made to reflect the mental battle that I assume most runners can relate to. Just trying to be real as I always am. No offense intended and none should be taken. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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