Smokes, ya’ll! It is GOOD to be BACK.

I used to say “Holy Smokes!” But now I just say “Smokes!” It means the same thing and it’s my lingo. Call it a “Courtenay-ism” if you will. I bet I say it 20 times a day. Ask my hubs.

Anyways. So I’m back in the training saddle again. This kinda run/then do a huge chunk of walking crud is starting to be phased out more, I actually ran 6 miles last Friday (say what?!?!? Haven’t seen that since June 22nd), and almost 5 on Monday. Things are feeling OK. I’m certainly not getting any worse in my leg, but adjusting to getting back to regular training again has done a number on the rest of my body. My whole back hurts. Both my IT bands are attempting to rage, my plantar fasciitis is alive and well every morning that I step out of bed, and then there’s “Terry the tibia” that likes to be a constant game-changer. Monday was supposed to be another 6+ miler and then my entire core froze up into a chunk and my gait was all funny-looking. I could tell I was having a hard time physically lifting my right hip up with every foot strike. So I stopped at 4.7 and called it a day.

Yoga is now my best friend again along with its partner-in-crime my foam roller.

It’s weird. I took a whopping 3.5 months off from training and getting back into it, the other areas of my body are reacting as if I’d never run a day in my life before. So frustrating. The one good thing I’m discovering is that I’m definitely getting a lot better at the whole “recovery” thing as my muscles aren’t even close to as ripped up as they used to be post-runs. It just seems like my spine and my overall frame is taking a beating. It’s bizarre.

I’ll take it, though as we are only 3 months out from DISNEY WORLD and Walt Disney Marathon weekend. Phew! I can’t believe it. So crazy excited to be leaving the frozen tundra in the middle of winter, running a race totally bucket-list style, and hanging out with my bestie and my fellow Team Sasquatch teammates.

While the “getting back into it” has taken longer than I would have liked, I am so much happier now with how I feel. This injury taught me a ton. It taught me patience. I have a way better outlook on how to approach this whole running thing. As usual, and I know you’ve heard me say this all before, but I’m thankful God gave me a tibial stress injury. I’m thankful I was in a walking boot this summer. I’m thankful because it gave me a greater appreciation for the aches and pains I do have now that come from a good training run. I will be stronger mentally and physically because of it.

But let’s not interpret that statement as me asking to be granted yet another running injury, mkay?


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