Quit your whinin.

I had someone attempt to make me feel bad about my training again this weekend. It happens frequently. And for those people I say this…

Have you had people in your life making excuses about why they can’t exercise? Have you had people in your life try and demean your day-to-day responsibilities to try and make themselves feel better for all the lame excuses they make as to why they can’t possibly run or do something healthy for themselves like eat right?

One thing I NEVER do is make excuses. Ask my coach. I barely EVER miss a work out. Ever. I work 120 hours in less than 2 weeks. I have 15-hour work days where I don’t even have time to see my own husband for a week at a time. I have daily responsibilities that most people don’t even know about on my days off that keep me from sitting at home the majority of the time on my butt doing nothing. Soon I’ll have a newborn child on top of it and be a mom. Thank God. I get up before dawn and train. I stay up super late after working 25 hours and I train. It gets done.

This is not to say that once I become a mom, or my life gets even more busy with work or other responsibilities, I won’t have a harder time getting things in. I might have to wax and wane a bit and lessen my intensity of working out, but I will never just let it go and use that as an excuse.

I have friends who are parents to a million kiddos who make the time to work out a priority. Ever heard of Run Like a Mother? Moms Run this Town? Moms on the Run? Team Tough Chik (which I am a PROUD member of)? Have you ever read Dorothy Beal’s blog? Many of them also work outside the home as well. I have a best friend in grad school full time and working nights full time who dominated her triathlon this summer and is going to nail her 4th half marathon at the end of this month.

Quit making excuses. Make your health a priority. That’s what it comes down to.

There. Thus ending my rant for this Monday, but this weekend’s encounter frustrated me.

I promise I’ll go back to nicer posts tomorrow!

And congrats to everyone who raced this weekend! So happy for you all.

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2 Responses to Quit your whinin.

  1. Gigi says:

    I couldn’t imagine what I would do if someone tried to make me feel bad about it. I have been very lucky that people in my life have been supportive and tell me how i inspire them to get out and run. I think you are amazing because I have a hard time making time to work out and my life is 1/4 as busy as yours is.

  2. craftycritter says:

    I swear you read my mind. I’ve been struggling lately with working out/making the right food choices. It’s like I want to eat right, I want to make healthy choices. Yet at the same time, I want the stuff that’s not good for me. And I don’t wanna work out :( I did yesterday though. And I’m planning on it after my dentist appointment today. I was going to head out this morning but the helicopters circling in the vicinity of my neighborhood freaked me out. So I stayed locked in the house.

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