Running with kleenex

Sunday morning I had a rather rough go of it out on the road. I did 5 miles of my getting-to-be-pathetic post-injury run/walk scenario only really running 3.91 of that. And every single scheduled walk break, I was obliterating kleenex. I mean seriously ripping it to shreds. They either don’t make kleenex tough enough to stand up to my nose, or if there was a category for the world’s most amount of snot in one person’s head, I would have won.

My friends…we are on day 9 of this head cold. While I’m actually sleeping now (I had 5 nights of total insomnia thanks to that brick of mucus in my face), I’m still reeling over the fact that I’ve gone through 4 boxes of Puffs Plus (thank you for the lotion). 4 BOXES!!!

Running with a cold is possible, you had just better be prepared to have to either be sniffing constantly, or have a way to stuff a bazillion tissues in your pants.

To make matters worse, my Garmin strap then proceeded to snap in half in two places. Cuz that’s fun! I have a replacement strap on its way to me courtesy of, but how annoying is that? AND THEN…I went to upload my Garmin data and this happened…

Yep. Somehow my hubby got it up and running again, but not without a total meltdown from me.

All this to say that I might have been able to handle the Garmin strap and computer issue better if I’d had a little less kleenex in my life during that run.

I only had congestion, no fever, no chest stuff, no aches. What’s your cut-off point in being ill when you won’t work out?



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2 Responses to Running with kleenex

  1. If I feel like have the flu and just want to sleep all day, then I wont work out. Usually it takes me a lot to not workout.

  2. BJ says:

    Oddly enough, I think I’m becoming a workout junkie to the point that I feel worse if I don’t work out. Usually once I get going on whatever I will feel the aches, pains, and whatever else ease up, but if I just sit and wallow, I just get more blah!

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