From a runner’s point of view

The other day on my Facebook site, I posted a pic of one of my favorite running paths about 1 mile from my house. Here in Minny, we are insanely fortunate to have beautiful places in abundance for runners to get lost in their own world and do their thing. My favorite places mostly happen to be centered around water. I have also been known to Instagram the heck out of running point-of-view photos that I’ve taken this past year. Here’s just a few of my favorite running spots in my area and in Michigan. All of these scenes I hold very near and dear to my heart and they all tell a story.

Do you have any particular places you find absolutely stunning that have taken your breath away while out on a run? What sort of scenery have you been blessed with?
 Bonus if you have a link to a picture!!! Please share on twitter, my facebook site, or leave a comment here!

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