Oh summer…how I hated you

Well…summer’s pretty much over now that we’ve passed Labor Day. The leaves are already starting to turn (have been for a few weeks now) in our area, and there’s talk of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and football all around us.  Quite honestly we’re entering the season of a “Runner’s Dream” here in Minny, but man it is WAY TOO SHORT. We could be under a foot of snow here in one month. My plan is to fully enjoy September and October’s running weather before my butt is sidelined to the treadmill for the entire rest of my Disney World half marathon training. HOLY SMOKES!

Not gonna lie. I thought last summer stunk with my stupid soleus calf strain. That couldn’t even hold a candle to having to live 90+ degree days in a walking boot/cast and absolutely no running, walking, etc. I used to be a girl who didn’t do anything athletic, let alone go for a walk in my neighborhood. I used to avoid “smelling like outside” at all costs. I also used to make myself physically ill over the idea of running a mile. Now I can’t stand to be pent-up indoors. I hate the days I’m not out even on a super long walk. Fresh air is my biggest source of “healing” as I process the insane amount of crap going on in my life right now. This summer it just didn’t happen for me. The boot was annoying as all heck. It hurt other areas of my body. It felt like my tibia was being hit with a baseball bat every single time I took a step. It was HOT and a constant reminder of the obsession I wanted to be pursuing out on the road.

No. Summer wasn’t so good to me. Even though I was back to “running” all of August, this run/walk business and only getting in a total of 2.4 miles after being out there almost an hour, is making me insane in the membrane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. Yes. I know I’ve said a million times that I am blessed that my body is even allowing me that much. I still believe that, but today’s a day I’m allowing myself to be frustrated. My dumb leg still occasionally reminds me that a lion is lying just underneath the surface waiting for me to screw up so it can come out and play. This drama isn’t even close to being over.

With that being said, onward and upward as we head into fall. Nothing’s going to stop me from anymore fresh air.

In fact, after a shoe fitting this weekend, the hubby and I are planning our first long bike ride in months. There are trails to explore and leaves to crunch, my friends!

I may only have 6 weeks of great weather, and I am going to enjoy every second of it.


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2 Responses to Oh summer…how I hated you

  1. I also love love love wonderful Minnesota fall weather! I’m doing the Monster Dash 5K and I’m so pumped to be ramping up my pace while enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Please weather gods…we had a hot and horrible summer…bless us with a lovely fall…please please!

  2. I am so ready for this fall weather! This summer has been way too hot for me. My body cannot handle the heat. I am praying for a long fall and short winter! :-)

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