Man I am so afraid in life to ever tell someone my leg is feeling good, let alone say that it feels good on my BLOG. Every single time I let myself acknowledge how good my body is feeling, it’s like it “heard me” and goes on the warpath to prove me wrong.

The truth is, sometimes I think I’m a giant mental case.

But here I am challenging my MIND and confessing to you all that I am thrilled with how much healing my body has done in just a little over a month. Following my race on the 12th, I took another week off from running and just focused on cross training to play it safe. It was the best decision ever to give my body a break after a whopping 3.1 mile beating. (Pathetic?)

I’m only running 2-3 days a week. By “running” I mean an intermittent run/walk plan with total running portions equaling between 2-2.3 miles. It’s still a huge blessing to even be able to run 4-5 miles a week. Is it the 23+ I was running around my half time? Not even close, but I will get there again.

My legs feel strong and fresh. I no longer go out every single day living in fear that my dumb bone is going to throb. I look forward to my cross-training and FINALLY feel it’s equally as important as runs, if not more.

I think the hardest part for me right now is that I DO feel so good that my body feels like it could handle 6-8 mile runs a few days a week, but yet I know if I did that even 1 time, I’d be in the crapper. It’s the reality of that which keeps me grounded, but it’s hard not to visualize those runs I crave so bad.

Doing a 30-minute work out feels like I’m barely getting started, but for now, it’s necessary. I’m seeing progress. My legs/core are SO much stronger due to all the biking I’ve done and I’m thankful I’ve found a new means of exercising to be passionate about.

I finally verbalized to my husband last night that my leg hasn’t felt this good in over 6 months. What’s amazing to me is that I AM running right now and not having any issue in my recovery.

Tibias, my friends, are nothing to mess with.

It’s amazing the impact refreshed legs can have on a runner’s life.

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One Response to Jinx?

  1. Shannon says:

    I can relate! After my injury last May, I was overly sensitive to my body post-work out, afraid to think “am I healed?” for fear of the throbbing pain returning

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