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Work has been sucking the LIFE out of me as of late as well as adoption stuff. We are soooooo busy revamping part of our house, we were on vacation last week, we were out-of-town this past weekend for a wedding, and now I’m back pulling over time this week at work.


I have been managing to keep up with my training, however and had a great talk with my coach yesterday afternoon as to where we go from here. The main focus now is to get me fully back to 100% so I can start training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon which is just over 4.5 months away. This time I won’t be starting completely from scratch for half training, so I expect things to go a bit easier this time around, unless my leg decides to be a giant poop face and give me grief.

Gotta be honest when I say it is still a bit “touchy” on any given day. My runs, which typically happen every 3 days or so, feel awesome.  On a pain scale out of 10, I’m usually sitting at around a 0.5 with mild irritation. It’s the 2 days following that are a bit “iffy” and then by the time I get to running again, I’m fine. It’s starting to feel like a vicious cycle. Unfortunately I’ve never had a bone injury in my entire life before, so it’s frustrating to me to figure out what is “acceptable” irritation that my body needs to deal with and what is a definite sign to stop.

This experience with my tibia has definitely made all my other muscle injuries in the past seem like a piece of cake; except maybe for my lovely plantar fasciitis. That still, to this day, is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in regards to a running injury. I’d take this tibial stress injury any day over PF again. HOLY SMOKES!

So life is good. I’m running. I’m cross-training like crazy. I’m preparing for races, albeit waaaaay slower than my mind would like to be, but I am so thankful for any mileage my body is allowing me to get. I have been focusing on changing my attitude from “I only get to run 2.5 miles today” to “I am BLESSED that I am ABLE to run 2.5 miles today.”

Those long runs will be back in my future soon. I will never quit.

Every step taken along the trail in my running shoes is a gift that I will never take for granted.

Please don’t ever take your passion, whatever it may be, for granted. Always treat it as a blessing.


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