Road ID review

For 2 years now, I’ve been using a key chain with my name and my hubby’s phone number as a means to feel “safe” while out on the road doing what I do. While it has served its purpose, it was time for an upgrade.

Enter the ROAD ID.

I was looking for a small wrist band that wouldn’t be overly obvious, I could feel comfortable wearing all the time if I wanted to, and most importantly contained ALL my medical history and info. After seeing this company advertised all over the place in Runner’s World and at race expos, I decided to give it a shot. Road ID has two different means of identifying you. You can either do a basic ID that just has your name and an emergency contact number, or for only $9.95 a YEAR, you can do an interactive road ID that gives first responders a link to your entire medical history. They can either call a number attached on the band, or go to and punch in the serial# and pin# located on the back of my ID. You can share as much information as you want.

I personally went with the “Road ID slim” and got interchangeable bands of many different colors that are easy to swap out. The band is made out of the same material the “Live Strong” wrist bands are, and is extremely durable.

I didn’t want to put a price tag on my own safety, so I have decided to go with an Interactive Road ID so that there’s no question who someone should contact, they have my medical insurance info and all my meds I’m currently taking and allergies. There is a link to my primary physicians and my blood type. It’s OUTSTANDING! How can you not pay less than $10 for something a year that could potentially save your life?

I’m a huge fan of my new Road ID. With all the crazy stuff happening in our world today, I urge you to take a gander over to their site and check out all their neat products. And if you google “Road ID discount code” there are tons of them to get some $ taken off! Although I only paid about $19 for mine and 3 extra bands.

Thank you, Road ID, for taking care of us.


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3 Responses to Road ID review

  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    I have the cloth wrist version…I wear it on my shoe, looped thru my laces almost like a timing chip, so I never forget it. Have not had a use for it but I consider that a very good thing.

  2. I love my 1bandID ( it attaches right to my Garmin. I never forget it because its always right there on my garmin. this really help for army folks that are allowed to wear extra bracelets in uniform,

  3. I love my RoadID! I have the basic one that lists contacts/phone numbers/blood type/name/birthday all on it. I was worried about the interactive one….do we know if paramedics would actually call the number or go to the website if we need a quick blood transfusion or something…maybe its better to have it right on the ID? I really do like that interactive option though….easy to update..hmm..I have a name change coming up soon, perhaps I’ll look at getting an interactive next…thanks for the review!

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