It’s great to wake up every morning

and know that all the hard work, all the patience, all the private tears, and all the determination thrown towards rehabbing this stupid tibial stress injury properly has been worth it.

I’ve run a total of 8 miles now since I was cleared. Sure my leg kinda felt twingy at times, but I’m at the point now where I can go 99% of my day and not give my leg a second thought. No real pain. No swelling. Nothing.

I realize it’s only 8 miles, but it’s been 8 STELLAR miles and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I am so thankful that I listened to those “in charge” when it came to taking care of this issue. I’m so thankful I didn’t allow my desires take over take me and I didn’t give in and try and hobble my way through a run. I literally resisted some very strong feelings that I was sometimes overcome with while at the gym; especially on days I didn’t feel anything wrong with my leg. I removed myself from temptation, I trained hard, but properly on the bike, and now I’m reaping the benefits.

In this process, I’ve found a new love in biking/cycling and I may or may not have found myself in a triathlon pro shop this week checking out some road bikes I might just be putting to use in my future racing endeavors! We shall see, but I’m thinking the duathlon might just be added to my life.

If it took me having this injury to learn that 1) it won’t KILL ME to take more than 1 day off from running…I survived 5 weeks with very little loss in fitness and 2) I have some deep down love of cycling I never even realized until now, then it was worth it.

It is through adversity and challenges in life that we grow the most. I find myself, once again, thankful for the experience this injury has taught me.

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