We’re goin old school!

Ask my friends who know me in real life and they’ll all tell you I like to do things a little “old school.” I have an iPhone 4S, but do you think I use it to keep track of my appointments and my calendar? Nope. I’m trying, but I’m sure a huge fan of my 24-month pocket calendar that I just keep swapping from handbag to handbag. I like everything laid right out in front of me so I can see the big picture. I really am trying to use my iPhone more and all its capabilities since I obviously bought it for a reason, but I’m keeping my paper calendar as a back up.

All that to say, I’m removing my training documentation from the great wide world of the interwebz. I had been using DailyMile for years until recently. I’m just not a huge fan of the fact that there’s NO privacy settings. The whole wide world can see your training, and if you choose to use all its features and sync your runs, they can find out where you might live too.  Honestly I feel kinda scrutinized at times for the way I’m training. Nothing really blatant or anything, but if you put your stuff out there, people will comment and voice their opinions. In my training, there are only 3 people’s opinions who matter; my coach (who writes my day-to-day plan for me), my doc who is there to pick up the pieces should I somehow mess that up, and me. Sometimes I think it’s easy for others to either compare themselves too much, or strongly disagree with how someone’s doing something based on how training works best for them. It’s also waaaaaay too easy for me to be caught up in comparing myself to others as well. It’s not healthy.

I will still be documenting my training on Buckeye Outdoors, but that is for my coach’s eyes only and how we do things on Team Sasquatch.

I think posting your training online is a great way to be motivated, it holds people accountable, and can be a real pick-me-up at times. I personally think I’m going to work much better, stronger, and healthier if I remove that from my life.

I’m goin old school.

I’ve created an Excel spread sheet that will allow me to document all my training in such a way that’s laid out easily for me. I’ll be able to pull it out years from now and easily see how far I’ve come. I take my training VERY seriously, in case you haven’t figured that out by now, and it’s a very personal thing. I don’t need to share every single detail with the world, eh? That’s what I have this blog for!

If you don’t document your training online, do you keep a record of it somewhere?

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3 Responses to We’re goin old school!

  1. craftycritter says:

    I have the Galloway 10k training plan on the fridge. I have a back up Excel version loaded onto Google Docs which is phone accessible. But I haven’t used it since loading it.

  2. Check out Strava.com for uploading your training. They have a privacy feature so that only you can see and If you publisize runs they have a feature where they will block out the area around your home if you so choose so no one can know exactly where you live. Here’s on of my runs iwht the cool feature on: http://app.strava.com/activities/11920697 yOU See the start and finish I actually started this and ended it at home but it block it out.

  3. Mallory says:

    I use Dailymile as well but my primary form of tracking is an Excel spreadsheet. I have a sheet for the year and then I tally up each month. I love it. Like you said, I think it’s very personal and I like it all laid out in front of me like that.

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