My hair is thanking me…

Sorry for the totally non-running related post (well not entirely), but I have to share something fabulous with you all.

I have been suffering from some mild dermatitis issues on my scalp for over a year now. I have seen a dermatologist for it and the course of treatment was me using Head & Shoulders or a medicated shampoo that smelled like tar on my head 3 times a week. The dermatitis is caused by the amount of sweat that I have pouring out of my head on almost a daily basis from working out and running. Couple that with a bondi band every day and I’ve got some pretty inflamed, itchy and sometimes flakey crud going on in my hair.

The Head & Shoulders worked, but if I missed a day, well then WOAH NELLY I was gonna have some issues. I’d be itching my head to death by 2PM and people would be backing away from me like I had lice. Not really…but I imagine that’s what people must think. My stupid hair was turning to straw. Big time. No ounce of moisture, no body, nothing. I had to choose what was more important to me, strong healthy hair or a non-itchy, red, flakey scalp.

Until recently…

I had been seeing these commercials for the new Clear Shampoo & Conditioner that boasted of creating stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair in just 7 days by feeding your scalp rather than focusing on your dry ends. It has a product called “Nutrium 10″ that is a mixture of vitamins and nutrients that are designed to work intensely on your scalp to help replenish your beautiful mane.

At first I thought “Yeah, right. This is just another gimmick. The conditioner is gonna be super heavy or be like wax and just coat your hair like Pantene does. It will never work.” I continued to fry my hair with Head & Shoulders.

One day in Target, I came across an end cap that was advertising the Clear Shampoo & Conditioner system and they had travel size bottles. BAM! I didn’t have to pay $8 total to try something I may not like.

I used it the full 7 days before making a judgement on it (even though I was hooked after day 2). I am SOLD! You guys my hair looks and feels amazing. It’s light, not weighed down, the stuff really moisturizes well, my hair is less damaged and much more strong. Most importantly, I have no sign of the dermatitis at all.


It’s gone.

I can use a product that’s not heavily medicated, smells awesome, and doesn’t destroy my hair and it takes care of my scalp issues!

The world is a happier place. So if you have problems with your hair like I did, or even if you’re just looking for a new product to try that is actually worth your time, this is it. I’m not even joking!

Alright…no more commercial from me. You may now get back to your day…which I hope includes you going to your local store to pick some of this up!

P.S. I actually have been using this product a whole month now before writing this post and I’m still in love.

P.P.S. This company doesn’t even know I’m writing this review. I did this entirely on my own and they are my personal views. I gain nothing from this other than the knowledge it might help somebody out!

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One Response to My hair is thanking me…

  1. I started using this product and love it too. I love the smell :)

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