Yes, this happened and it was glorious!

Ya’ll know I’m heavily involved in “Twitter-verse” and have been fortunate enough to make many new IRL friends. The #MNRunnerds was officially formed sometime last fall and since then we’ve had some pretty fun outings together and our little group is slowly expanding. I’m so thankful for my friends! We’re all runners of different abilities and we all have different experiences, but we definitely are all united under the principle that running is a major part of our lives and always will be. I always feel so encouraged and uplifted by these great friends. Everyone needs to have a support system. This is mine.

Saturday evening we headed over to Mark & Brigitte’s new home in Minneapolis for a summer BBQ/potluck! The regulars were all there and we included our spouses and significant others. I finally got to meet Angie too!!

Here’s some pictures from our fabulous night out:

Do you see Kat, Brady, Ryan & Brigitte? I DO!

Oh hey there, Dan, Angie & Mark!

We know how to run and EAT!

Mark & Brigitte’s two dogs, Beckett & Nico were hands-down the big entertainment of the evening. Beckett got his face stuck in a plastic cup and Nico (beans on her face and all), spent a lot of time in everyone’s laps as she welcomed all her new house guests!

And Dan, who works at Haagen Daz, so graciously brought a vanilla ice cream cake to top off the evening!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!

So thankful for all my good friends! Twitter is a WONDERFUL thing. Ya’ll should try it sometime. You never know who might come into your life.

P.S. I made these chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch bars for the potluck that night. A year ago one of the of the doctors I work with brought in a batch for us at work and we have all been drooling over these since. They were a HUGE HIT. If you interested in the recipe, here ya go. It’s on my cooking blog! Dr. W’s “Good-For-You” bars. So easy to make (I had them done in 20 minutes) and SO SO YUMMY!

Dr. W’s Good-For-You Bars


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One Response to Yes, this happened and it was glorious!

  1. SO FUN! I need to make Nico a Facebook profile just so that can be her profile pic. And Beckett’s profile pic is obvious, too.

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