When your butt becomes your worst enemy, you FIGHT.

Let’s talk about why I have really bad lower legs and a tibial stress reaction in my right leg, shall we?

It’s because my right side of my core is significantly weaker than my left (and my left isn’t much to throw a stick at either). You should see my doc test my core strength. I’m falling off the exam table with working the right side.

If you’ve been running for a while or care to research proper training at all, you know that a runner’s core is the most important area in their body. If your core doesn’t get a serious workout, neither will you, because BAM! You’re gonna get yourself sidelined with an injury out of nowhere.

I think the most frustrating thing for me in all of this is that I HAVE been doing core work on a weekly basis for the past year and a half. Apparently it’s not enough, though.

My right glute is a hot mess. It virtually doesn’t exist. Well I know it exists, because it’s the largest part of my body (or at least that’s how I feel when I try on a new pair of jeans). In a running sense, it’s not doing a whole lot for me other than causing me grief.

So here I am living my new mostly sedentary lifestyle working my core HARD every single day. There’s planking, clam shells, leg lifts, deadlifts, hip hikes, etc. My core taught me a lesson and now it’s MY TURN to teach IT a lesson.

Ya’ll know me by now and I am not a woman to go down without a massive fight. On a day-to-day basis I don’t say a whole lot to people about my leg. People ask me constantly when they see me hobbling around with “Beauford.” I keep pretty quiet about it and don’t elaborate a whole lot on what’s really going on with me personally through all this. Internally, though, I’m kicking and screaming and raging war against my own body and I WILL NOT LOSE.

This injury, albeit the most serious one I’ve ever had, will not get the better of me. I’m going to come back even stronger and accomplish more than I already have. Stuff like this in life just lights a fire under me and peeves me off so much more that I just come back like a warrior. Don’t think I won’t be out there pounding out mileage again real soon-like.

I may be down, but don’t you dare count me out or you’ll be made a fool.


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