Oh hey there, tibia, so that’s what ya look like

So I pulled up my MRI scans on my computer Saturday night as I had to see for myself the disaster lying just underneath my skin in my right leg.

When looking at these films, my RIGHT LEG (aka “problem child”) is actually on the left side of the screen.

I give you Exhibit A:

Anyone else freaked out that my left leg looks very very similar to my right leg? No? Well it got my heart to skip a beat. Just sayin…

Exhibit B:

Do you see bright white junk showing up in my left leg too? I sure do. Although I must say, the right leg looks a wee bit brighter…maybe by 10% or so. EEEEEK!

And finally Exhibit C: The one film shot that didn’t freak me out as much. The big ball of white you see at the top is clearly much more illuminated than the left leg.

We only did the right leg in the MRI order, so I’m sitting here wondering if there’s not some radiologist out there going “Oh wow. Look at her scary left leg. Too bad I’m not supposed to say anything about it. But she should really just live in boots on both her legs and probably consider taking up another sport, or just chop her legs off.” :)

Anyways. Whatever. It is what it is. It’s going to take as long as it’s going to take to heal. I’m probably out for my half marathon plans for the fall and probably out for the rest of the season. I might as well start accepting that idea now and if I actually get to run a bit, it will be a pleasant surprise, no?

But isn’t the human body a neat thing? I get to look at stuff like this a lot of times at work. It’s neato to look at WHEN IT’S NOT YOUR OWN!

I wish I knew how to really read this stuff. I’m just going with the idea that “bright white” = “REALLY BAD.”

In other news…this happened on Saturday afternoon as we took a break from working on our official adoption application paperwork.  We got to be Beach Bums. It was so needed. I needed some peace and quiet, ya’ll.

So if you were ever wondering what a tibia really looked like, there ya go. I hope your’s is as BLACK AS MIDNIGHT :)






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3 Responses to Oh hey there, tibia, so that’s what ya look like

  1. craftycritter says:

    If it’s any consolation, a good doctor will look at everything that appears in the MRI. My MRIs are usually for MS, so they’re looking for one specific thing. But my neurologist has mentioned bulging disc issues in the past.

  2. Maria says:

    I do see a little white in Exhibit B, but I think your right leg is 80% brighter. I must say that this is one of the advantages of being black. I can really see white well. :)

  3. runk8run says:

    The white is inflammatory fluid in the bone. I’m guessing that most runners would have a little bit due to the stress we’re always putting on them. It’s when it gets to be enough that it could crack the bone (the F word!), it’s a problem. That’s what my stress reaction MRI looked like, too. I didn’t get to see my good leg, though; they just scanned the bad one.

    I posted my stress fracture xray on dailymile if you want to see what one of those bad boys looks like. I captioned it “My tibia has a halo!”

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