I’d like to introduce you to my “not-so-little” friend…

Have ya’ll met “Beauford the Boot?” No? Well you should!

Introducing “Beauford!”

I thought maybe if I named my walking boot, my disdain towards it wouldn’t be as huge. Beauford goes with me to work every day and anywhere else that I’m going to be on my feet for long periods of time, or walking more than I should be. Beauford unfortunately doesn’t make life easy, but I know that he is necessary for proper healing.

Here’s me and Beauford last weekend at our hotel when we went on our 6th wedding anniversary trip with my hubby.

He was a bit of a “third wheel” while we were out enjoying our day in 100+ degree heat and trying to have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, but we all survived.

Beauford shelters me from the hard tile flooring at work. He makes sure I am as non-weight bearing as possible on my right leg. While he is heavy and hot, I know he is doing his best to get me back to pounding out the mileage as soon as possible. It’s his main goal and with his help, I will achieve success sooner rather than later.

Hanging out with Beauford has been a wild adventure thus far and we have a long way to go. I would be lying if I said I’m not ecstatic at the prospect of putting him into retirement, but for now I refuse to hate the thing that will get me healing sooner than my running shoes.

It’s just a different type of running shoe, right?


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5 Responses to I’d like to introduce you to my “not-so-little” friend…

  1. Louise C. says:

    Been there, done that, 6 months worth! Hang in there, you will be back running in no time! At least as cumbersome as the boots are, mine was very comfortable once I was able to start walking in it..but hot! :)

  2. toughchik says:

    My bestie was in a boot for 9 months. She even had to stand up in her sisters wedding as the MOH in the boot. Although she bought a lot of dresses that year and one night in a trendy LA club, some moron walked up to her admiring her footwear. No joke, he thought it was a new trendy shoe!

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