Well I’m over it.

With a tibial stress injury, there sure isn’t a whole lot I can do cardio-wise and it’s making me crazy in my brain.

I haven’t had a good heart-racing workout in almost 2 weeks and I feel very “sloth-like” right now. I swear I’m growing a tire around my middle already.



WALK (unless I’m wearing my boot which is so heavy and hot)

ELLIPTICAL (I never ever thought I’d say I miss this machine, but I do badly!)

SPINNING (yep…can’t even sit on a spin bike)

1/2 the YOGA stuff I normally do (a lot of calf-intensive poses and balancing make my bone ache)

ANY WEIGHT LIFTING ON MY LEGS (who cares about my arms?)


STATIONARY BIKE (but even this has irritated my leg post “rides”)

SWIM (no pool access so that’s out and I’d probably drown)

CORE EXERCISES (crunches don’t make my heart race, but they sure make my tummy hurt)

My new gym, while I love it, only has 2 spin bikes (a definite no-no) and 2 recumbent bikes. So I’ve been sitting there flopping away mileage on this “bad boy”

Not sure this is doing much for me. I’m bored silly on it and feel like I’m still sitting down doing nothing. I’m frustrated. And the calorie burn on this thing? Nada. I can bust my butt on this thing for 45 minutes until my legs feel like they’re going to fall off and only burn the same amount of calories I’d burn running 2.3 miles.

I feel very very bored. My eating habits is one of a person running 20-25 miles a week on top of cross training. Not one of a person injured burning like 600 cals a week. Ugh.

The best part is that my leg doesn’t hurt too much anymore and it’s hard to not just get up and run my brains out. Unfortunately MRIs don’t lie. I knew I would need to get one to convince myself there really is something wrong and it’s not just a “day-by-day” up and down I could ignore.

My plantar fasciitis is desperately trying to make a comeback as well since I can’t really deep massage or roll my calf muscles like normal either. Last night I almost fell over in our bathroom getting out of the shower and my right foot totally seized up. Hooray!

Is it the end of July yet????????????? I’d like to run 1/2 a mile, please!

The good news is that my hubby felt it in his heart to surprise me with this beauty as an anniversary gift and it should arrive sometime this weekend. While I will still be sitting on a bike going nowhere, at least I’ll be sitting upright and maybe just maybe get my heart rate out of the 105-110 zone while my legs are flying.

Ok. I’m done whining.I know I said I wasn’t going to treat this like its the end of the world. I realize it isn’t. I just need to vent. It’s part of my processing.

Just an FYI…do NOT ever take the elliptical for granted. In your darkest hour, you will desire nothing more than 15 minutes on that thing. I swear it.

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2 Responses to Well I’m over it.

  1. If you have a hotel near you that has a pool, sometimes they will sell pool passes pretty reasonable if you want to try the pool thing.

  2. L-Jo says:

    If I bring a kick board and some floaties on saturday….????

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