I run.

It’s the first Wednesday of June and we all know what that means!


If you google at all (like who doesn’t google in today’s world?), you’re likely to find a ton of different local events in your area to celebrate; group runs, discounts at running stores, race entry discounts, etc.

Last year on National Running Day I was in a gynormous funk due to injury, but I did make it out for a rather fast (for me) 8:48 mile.

Today I’m doing a leisurely hour slow and steady just to keep the blood pumping and to test a few things out. I’m so thankful for all that running has brought into my life.

So today, as we celebrate our passion, I’d love to hear your top reasons of why you run. And if you’re celebrating at all today, let us know what you’re up to!



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5 Responses to I run.

  1. kimert79 says:

    I’ve been on the injured list for almost 3 weeks… well the dr said just don’t do anything that aggravates my injury SOOOO I am going to run this afternoon. Why?? Because running makes me happy and not running has made me sooo unhappy lately. Can’t wait to release the endorphins!!

  2. I run to prove to everyone that the slow guy can run a 50K.

  3. I run because I love it! I just enjoy being outside and seen the beauty around me. Today, I ran through a beautiful state park in central WA.

  4. Becca Opdahl says:

    I run for the mental health aspect of it. It keeps me closer to sane than I normally am!! ;)

  5. maydaygirl says:

    I run because in my house there are 5 kids 3.5 and under and I LOVE I run away from it :) lol. It gives me a break from real life and responsibilities and it gives my mind a mental break from being on (mom) call. It also amazing prayer time for me.

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