Yep. This happened.

An open letter:

Dear guy who felt the need to scream obscenities at me out of his open car window while I was waiting at a cross walk dry-heaving on my 6 mile speed work run,

At first I didn’t realize the “J—-s C—- you F—– b—–” that I heard was being directed at me. I figured it out pretty quick, though when your middle finger shot its way out of your car in my direction. I’m not quite sure what was so offensive about me obeying traffic laws by hitting the walk button while you wanted to turn left on a GREEN ARROW, but apparently I know the traffic laws better than you. Just so you know…there were other patrons in the area who heard your tirade that went on for over 30 seconds and I’m just hoping somebody had the decency to write down your plates.

Due to the heat and busting out 7:35 pace during my speed work, I felt like I was going to vomit at that precise moment. I may or may not have entertained the idea of walking over to your car and vomiting on your lap.

Thankfully I deal with people like you on a daily basis at work, so your insults aren’t the first I’ve ever had thrown at me, in fact I’ve heard better. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit that I was out being my tough self out on the road and you found the need to try to somehow demean that. Thanks for the fuel, though. My last 4 intervals went pretty stellar thanks to your “encouragement.”

What a sad sad life you must lead. I pray you find it within yourself at some point to grow up and treat humanity with a little bit more respect in the future.

Hope to see ya out on the road again real soon!Maybe next time you can take your rage out on the pavement with a pair of running shoes instead of behind the wheel.


Courtenay – One bad runner chic


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4 Responses to Yep. This happened.

  1. Pete says:

    Awesome, awesome post! I get charged up and tear up the roads when idiots do that! I would of paid to see vomit sliding down him. Good job on the speed work!

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Wow. He must have been a real dandy… at least he made you run faster! :)

    Oh, and 7:35 intervals, that is amazing!

  3. Miss Molly says:

    Man I love it when people are such retards. Good for you for fueling the fire and kicking butt and not taking his name :)

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