Inquiring minds want to know.

Now that Fargo is over, I’ve been questioned a ton about whether or not I’m going to tackle the marathon next.  It seems to be the hot topic of the hour in life and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. I’ve thought about it. I’ve blatantly said on here that I’m not ever going to do a marathon. I retract that statement.  In retracting that statement, however, I’m not saying I ever will. I’m just not ruling it out.

As for what is up next for me, I can tell you that at this time, marathon training is NOT in the plan. I have spent the last 1 1/2 years of my life devoted 100% to training, working through injury and finally accomplishing my goal. It has been a long road. It’s time to focus on other things. My running, while still a huge part of my life, cannot be the ONLY part in my life I pour my energy into.

The reason I’m not even entertaining the idea of marathon training is because I need to get my life, house, marriage and finances together so we can officially begin our adoption journey. Oh yes, people…we meet with our adoption agency for the first time in a little over 2 weeks. The minute that meeting happens, the ball is going to be officially rolling and it may snowball on us pretty freaking quick.

It’s time that I put myself aside and think about my future outside of just running. It’s time to work towards starting a family. It may still take us years, but this can no longer take a backseat to running. And neither can my husband.

I have managed to build up a really solid base in training now, I’m not dealing with injury, and I’ve got some races with tangible goals set up for the rest of the year. I plan on finally really working on  my speed with my coach as that has been severely lacking since January as it was all about just getting my butt across that finish line; not necessarily fast. I have lost all that speed I used to possess a year ago. Now that I’m training smarter and stronger, it’s time to add that back. I am really going to focus on better fueling, better nutrition/hydration, and really take this opportunity to push myself harder to achieve a time more representing of my ability at my next half marathon.

It begs to be said, though…I’ve got more going on in life right now than running. Priorities.

I’m taking the entire month of June off from racing. My mom is coming to visit from FL for 10 days and we’re taking a mother-daughter road trip to Michigan to visit our extended family. I’m working a ton.  We’re officially starting work on our adoption application (which will take months). My hubby and I are taking off to go out-of-town again to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary for a weekend get-away in Wisconsin.  It’s just too much to try to race as well. I have a couple of fun runs scheduled for July. August is another month off and then I’m going to go hard-core straight through September and October. I have some big races planned and I want to be at my best for all of them. I’d love to PR all three.

My next half marathon is October 21st in Mankato, MN. Assuming I don’t get stuck in a porta-potty line again, I should smash that with a huge PR by October. That’s the plan anyways! I’m really looking forward to that weekend. My dear friend, Kristi, is running her first MARATHON that weekend and I’m excited to be there to witness such a monumental moment in her life.

So there you have it. No marathon training for me. I’m just fine with that. I’m looking forward to having a training schedule back. This past week has been lots of cross-training and recovery runs. I’m still not 100% back to where I was at the start of the half, but every day I’m making progress.

What is your next big race? Any goal planned?

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3 Responses to Inquiring minds want to know.

  1. craftycritter says:

    I’m looking at a 3rd/4th of July midnight race for my second 5k. As for the adoption process, you and Chris are going to be shoe ins. They are going to love you! And they’ll love the healthy lifestyle you’ll instill in your child.

  2. Marcy says:

    Great decision! Focusing on your adoption process will be time consuming enough! I’m 3 weeks out from my half and just starting my marathon training, and I already feel like the next four months are going to be nothing but running. It’s a doozy of a summer that way. Congrats on Fargo and can’t wait to hear more about the adoption process!

  3. Really like this post! It’s such a tough thing to strike that balance! I am going back and forth about TC Marathon in October. Part of me wants to run it because I have the base mileage already built up from Fargo and I really want to do a fall marathon – but the other half of me (the wife and mom) says I should take a few months off from training and just be. It’s a tough row to hoe! Good luck with all of the super amazing stuff you have happening. I really feel fortunate that our paths crossed in Fargo – look forward to seeing you again and keeping up with you here!

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