I am not sure why I chose May 19th for my first half marathon when it’s right on the tail end of a whirlwind 2.5 weeks of my life. Partially because, with the exception of my work schedule of 100+ hours in 13 days, I didn’t know in advance I was going to be announcing to the world my husband and I would be adopting a child and getting that all set up. I didn’t know I was going to be asked to be on a committee for my hospital working on implementing new procedures for Advance Directives and end-of-life care for our patients. I didn’t know that I would be flying my mom home 3 weeks later for 10 days and would need to do a ton of spring cleaning because my house has gone to “out-of-control” status.

All this to say that I’m buuuuuuusy, but still managing to survive and still healthy and very excited for next weekend!

I’m not sure if taper has officially started or not. My coach told me I was supposed to feel lazy. This week has felt anything but.

My flu-like symptoms are gone. THANK GOD. I did 6 miles on Tuesday with lots of speed work for the middle section of that; busting out 7:35 pace consistently on my “pick-ups.” Wednesday I did 5 miles steady with an avg. 9:45 pace. No run/walk ratios done on either of these. I pretty much only do those on my long runs as that’s where I need it mentally. I skipped a recovery run 5K last Sunday due to being in a total flu-like fog. This morning I’m heading out for another 6 miles with 3 of those being at a 9:00 pace.

I’m gonna say that taper officially starts today after my 6-miler. Looking at my training schedule, I have nothing this weekend (but 25 hours of work staring me in the face), Monday I’ve got my last run, Tuesday I ride the bike, and that’s it!


Next week I’m going to feel like a whale. There will be whining because I’ll be forced to carb load and mentally that’s gonna traumatize me if I don’t get to work it off until Saturday.

I’m obsessively stalking the 10-day forecast for Fargo. I don’t know if the National Weather Service can make up their minds or not. It’s gone from 82 degrees and sun, to 72 degrees and 60% chance of ran, to 74 degrees and cloudy and 10% chance of rain. I’ll take the last option, please!

Tell me about your first taper for any race. This is my first real one. I’ve never had to taper before. Did you keep yourself busy? Did you eat everything in site? Did you get restless legs?

Talk to me. I wanna hear from YOU!

Pssssst….One week from this very moment, I will be driving in a car on my way to Fargo, ND, getting checked into our hotel, and heading on over to the expo for packet pick-up and gear shopping!!! There will be a pre-race ritual trip to Noodles & Co. that evening for my signature dish as well. Don’t think I haven’t already located the closest one to us or anything…




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2 Responses to Phew!

  1. Taryn says:

    Good luck with your taper…I am sure you will do great at the marathon!

  2. maydaygirl says:

    My tapers just feel like the beginning of training. I am a mom of 3 kids so I never have restless legs lol and I always just eat normal. I have found a VERY slow 2 mile run 2 days before a Half is perfect for me. I ran my last Half at 11.1/min miles so my slow 2 miles is at 12.5 pace. Feels like walking :)

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