Oh hey there, 10K. Thanks for sneaking up on me.

Well tomorrow morning is my largest 10K for the year and I am most definitely ready to get my race on. The weather, however, is predicted to be naaaaaaasty with 35 degrees, 12+ mph winds, and snow/rain. Yes, you read that right. Snow.

I don’t understand how 6 weeks ago I could run my 7K in 70+ degree heat with 90+% humidity and now the end of April I’m back in winter conditions. What gives, Minny? What gives?

I registered for this race 6 months ago. I figured 3 weeks out from my 1/2, I should plan a race to see how I’m doing and this 10K just planted itself right there in my face to make that happen. I’m doing a nice warm-up and cool-down as well so my plan is around 9 miles total with the race in the middle.

I am so pumped! Some of my #MNRunnerd twitter friends are going to be in attendance and my girl, Kristi, is going to rock the snot outta her 2nd 1/2 marathon tomorrow! L-Jo and I are heading to packet pick-up in a couple of hours today and we’ll be devouring some lunch before she heads off to work; keeping the hospital we work at safe and free of danger. :)

I think I’m going to be in a massive hunt for a long-sleeve tech tee today for tomorrow. I only have one and I’m kinda sick of wearing it. Please, dear Lord, let Dick’s or Sports Authority still have some long-sleeve gear!!

Totally ready for this race, but I’ll admit, it kinda snuck up on me out of nowhere. I’m most likely not going to PR, but I plan on racing my best and I’ll be happy whatever the outcome, as long as I don’t break my leg or something.

This is the largest 10K in Minnesota and the 15th largest in the country. The 1/2 marathoners and the 10K’ers start at the same time. I need to get my elbows ready to swing, I think!

Wish us luck! I am pumped to see my buddies and run with my girl, L-Jo again! :)

Check back for the report!

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