Remember that race that was supposed to be “light and fluffy?” Yeah…so…about that…

Saturday I took part in the Goldy’s Run 5K sponsored by the University of Minnesota and proceeds went to the new Amplatz Children’s Hospital. I was supposed to use this race as a lighter training run as my long run for the week of 9 miles was scheduled for the next day. I had it all planned out. I was going to forgo my usual “I’m going to kick you in the teeth” race-day competitive demeanor and just run my 1/2 marathon pace or slower for it.

It didn’t happen.

I held my angst in check pretty well and didn’t really feel like picking off people so much along the route, but I most def didn’t run “light and fluffy.” I ran my normal comfy pace of around 9:40. BOOOOOOOO!!!

Honestly looking back at it, I’m kinda peeved at myself, but I got caught up in the feet stomping behind me, the dodging, the weaving along the crazy course that was halfway through parking lots and skinny sidewalks.

I saw my friend & fellow #mnrunnerd, Anne, giving out powerade at the water stop and made sure to give her a big bear hug. After leaving her, I promptly re-joined the race at a 7:00/mile pace according to my Garmin. WHAT?!?!?!!?!?


Let’s just get real here and say there will probably never be a day in my life where 7:00 pace is considered “light and fluffy.” Maybe if I was 17 again and had light years ahead of me left to go…

Anyways. I had a GREAT time hanging out with one of my besties, Alison, and her hubby Geoff. My hubs and I love to spend time with them and I was happy to join Alison in her “comeback race” as her last race was my very first race ever. STUPID INJURIES.

Here’s some pics:

This is from the day before at packet pick-up. This line moved at the pace paint dries. I swear. And clearly I have the wrong first letter of my last name.

Personalized race bibs = FANTASTIC.

Race shirt front & back.

I can never pin my bibs on correctly. I had a reflection of a trophy case to try and look into. I think it was straight?

Alison and I posing prior to the race start!

My man. The greatest husband on planet earth for working until midnight the night before, only getting 3.5 hours of sleep, and coming to my race sicker than I think I have ever seen him since the day we started dating 8 years ago.

Here’s Goldy Gopher lining up at the start of the 5K!!! The hubby said he ran about 10 feet and then jumped off to the side.

This was the finish line. We finished on TCF Bank Stadium Field where the U of M Golden Gophers play. We all were seen on the jumbo tron at the finish line, but stupid me didn’t think to look. DANG IT.

Hubby snapped this at the finish. I’m over the idea that I’ll ever take a good race pic.

Unfortunately the course ran a little short, but it definitely was fun! I’d do this race again for sure; only I think I’ll shoot for the 10-miler next April. I loved the shirt, I thought the course was fun, the proceeds go to a wonderful organization, and who doesn’t love running on Astroturf into a stadium?

The 5K wasn’t chip-timed, so Garmin stats were 28:08! :)








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3 Responses to Remember that race that was supposed to be “light and fluffy?” Yeah…so…about that…

  1. I can only dreeeeam of a 7 right now. Or a 9:40 for that matter!! But it looks like you had an amazing race! And that is a good hubby! Goldy is super cute, too! :-)

  2. Ive been so lucky with my races so far. The packet pick ups were empty and I got right in and out.
    My speedwork isnt even a 7:00 pace!!

  3. Lisa says:

    This sounds like a fun race. Congrats on your run. :-) I’m a U of M grad, so I really hope to run this one sometime!

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