Crazy thoughts…

Crazy randomness going through my head…

1) I absolutely do not need another pair of running shorts, but there’s a pair of my favorite Adidas shorts on ebay right now in black that I MUST HAVE.

2) I cannot believe I just bought a second pair of my running shoes on ebay and saved myself $40. I heart ebay.

3) Tonight is probably one the last times I will be going to my current gym and I’m kinda sad about it.

4) I haven’t really spent a lot of time on twitter or facebook as of late. I have to say…I don’t miss my iphone blowing up with notifications every 3 seconds. I’m going to continue to limit…

5) I  need to be in a job that challenges me and I’m allowed to be challenged.

6) I can’t believe I accidentally spit on one of the doctors I work for last week. He’s never letting me hear the end of it.

7) I totally did something bonkers to my left shoulder when we went bowling on Saturday night. It hurts like woah. And I can’t lift my arm very high. And that blows. I don’t need to lift my arms over my head though to run. SCORE!

8) I worry I won’t have awesome gym stories to tell you since I’m going to a one-room location that’s DINKY compared to my current mega-gym.

9) I am registering for the Disney World 1/2 Marathon in like 2 weeks and that is CRAAAAAAZZZAAAAAY.

10) I’m running 3 days in a row this week and I fear my legs are going to feel like bricks after the 2nd one. This is  SO against the rules.

11) Did I mention I’ve committed myself to a Ragnar Relay team? Holla!

12) Sick of people looking at me like I have 15,000 heads when I say I’m 32 and don’t want kids. What business is it of their’s? Poopfaces.

13) I am in LOVE with my new Green apple shampoo and conditioner.

14) I have never done an ice bath. EVER. But I live for epsom salt soaks and I’m not quite sure what I’d do without my salt and my foam roller.

15) Ok. Ok. I no longer despise yoga.

Tell me something CRAZY or RANDOM going through your brain today…

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3 Responses to Crazy thoughts…

  1. jena says:

    People are idiots when it comes to other people not wanting kids. We don’t want kids either – what is the big effing deal. I REALLY can’t stand it when people say, “Oh, you’re still young/newlyweds {insert other reason here} you’ll change your mind” — my neighbor is especially guilty of this. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know why she feels the need to mention to me every time she sees me that I will want kids someday. OMG.. i could go on forever. Thanks for reminding me of another reason why I can’t stand my neighbor. she is a wackadoo.

  2. We don’t want kids either. I am also sick of people looking at me like I’m crazy or saying “well you still have plenty of time to change your mind.” Mind your own business people!

    You will have crazy gym stories. I go to a dinky gym too and there’s crazy people everywhere. :)

  3. craftycritter says:

    Regarding the kids, just tell people that at least with a dog you can legally kennel it. I do all the time and it usually makes them laugh and move on.

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