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My Monday

I’m not calling myself a yogi yet, but I’m pretty excited that I found the video/book series on the left today for only $3.99 at the store, and my friend Katy introduced me to the DVD series on the right … Continue reading

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Straight-Shootin Sunday #15 (1/22-1/28)

As of 7:30 tonight, I am only scheduled to work 1 day out of the next 10. I plan on taking full advantage of this and kicking my butt in training. I am on day 11 of this head cold … Continue reading

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When do you give in to the sickness?

I had to ask myself this very question this week. I’ve had little bouts here and there of being sick since I started running, but nothing that has full-on drop-kicked me to the curb, left me moaning in my pjs … Continue reading

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You found my blog how??? Volume 2

It’s that time again! The cool thing about wordpress is that it gives me a daily/monthly/yearly “hit counter” that tells me how many page views I have, which posts are the most popular, and google or internet searches that lead … Continue reading

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Shoes matter! Who knew?

Ok. Ok. So I was one of those people who was like “Yeah…I don’t need someone to tell me what shoe I should be running in. They just pick the most expensive brand. I’ll run in what’s comfy. Screw paying … Continue reading

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Straight-Shootin Sunday #14 (1/15-1/21)

It’s been over a month since I’ve done a “Straight-Shootin Sunday,” but honestly until this past week, I’ve still been doing work outs, but have mentally been very drained when it comes to training and I had sort of “checked … Continue reading

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So you all know my crazy gym stories. If not, you can catch up on some of them here: GYM STORIES. Here’s a few more for you from my brief 75 minutes at the gym today: 1) A woman ran … Continue reading

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Last Friday night I was invited by my good twitter buddy, Dan, to join him and some of our mutual friends (Ryan & Kristi) at a local college to hear Olympic Gold Medalist, Billy Mills speak.  I was CRAZY excited … Continue reading

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Oh hey, I ran a race 15 days ago…

Some of you saw this video clip a few days ago. Let’s get on with the real race recap, shall we? I’m not quite sure why I keep subjecting myself to these insanely cold winter races, but I do. New … Continue reading

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Ya’ll are freakishly amazing

Man I find it so unbelievable the amount of support and motivation I receive through this blog. A year ago when I started it, I had no idea what it was going to turn into for me, and I’m so … Continue reading

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