It’s all about the cute shirt, people

So on a total whim, I signed up for this Reindeer Run this coming Saturday. It’s just a 5K around a beautiful lake downtown Minneapolis. And yes, I said I was done racing this year, and that’s still true.

I absolutely CANNOT care about this race as anything other than a fun run or I will be totally devastated in regards to my time. The best part? Bibs mean nothing because there’s no chip timer, there’s no official results being posted, and it’s literally just a fun run for 3.1 miles.

I can do that.

I’m gonna be majorly honest with you people and say a PR isn’t possible right now with 5Ks, as I’m running consistently 2 1/2 minutes slower than my normal 5K times of 2 months ago. Those runs are harder than normal. Coach has me working more on endurance (have you seen my work-out recaps lately?!?!?!) and less on speed. We’d been ordered to do so just to keep the injuries at bay. It worked!  We’re just getting to speed again. So while I feel like I could run for a million hours a day and not grow tired, I’m not fast for me anymore. It’s been a huge test of my character, but I trust my training & coach. I’m feeling very good about how I’m feeling, so I know that I’m doing this all the proper way now.

This is new for me, and what I had originally gone into this whole running thing for. I always wanted distance, not speed. I pushed myself to the brink of death for a year straight, got a lot faster, and now I feel like I’m expected to do certain things; not by anyone but myself. While I’ve certainly never been as fast, nor will I ever be, as a lot of people, if I don’t get a sub-30 on Saturday, it could be damaging to my psyche and I need for it not to be.

This is going to be a lesson for me. Relax and have fun and don’t give a flying crap about your 5K time.

I did it with the 10-miler and had a blast, so why am I having a hard time with this one? Oh yeah…because I’ve run a million at this distance.

When you run race distances you’ve run before, do you have a hard time just letting go of expectations? Times? Results? Is it always in the back of your mind? Is there a small part of you that feels disappointed at the end if it’s not a PR?

So I’m going to see some of my friends at the race, hang out and get some good food and hot chocolate, run for a great cause, and get a super cute blue long-sleeved tee with reindeer on it.

And I’m going to ENJOY IT no matter what the outcome.

P.S. There’s basically no chance that there will be any snow on the ground yet either. BRILLIANT.

P.P.S. I’m going to be wearing my new running tights I just bought on Black Friday (yes, I went out, but at 4PM and to use a gift card).

Anybody doing a Christmas related run?

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3 Responses to It’s all about the cute shirt, people

  1. I love that race! I miss running around those lakes. Although, I hope to make a loop around Harriet (my personal fave) while I’m in Edina for the holidays.
    You’re so right about it being difficult to train for endurance and give up the speed for 5Ks. Just know that you COULD run fast, if you wanted, but that it’s BETTER for you to stick with your training plan and be injury free.

  2. Kat says:

    Times and results are always in the back of my mind, but I also try to give every race context. Have I run in that condition before? Have I raced using that training method before? Above all other things, the standard to meet: Strong legs and a safe finish.

  3. Heidi Nicole says:

    No matter the race or my training I always have hope for a crazy awesome run and maybe a PR. It’s hard not to!

    I have a 5K coming up in December that I just found this weekend. Based on my current (lack of) running there is no way I’ll PR…but I still secretly hope in the back of my mind!

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