Only 9 more days to go

It has been 5 days now where not a single drop of coffee has touched my lips. I even have chocolate covered coffee beans in my kitchen that I haven’t touched either. I’m staying true to this,  you guys. Days 1 & 2 went by just fine. I actually felt like I had more energy throughout the day after just having 2 cups of green tea with my creamer early that morning. No real sign of any headache and I was sleeping fairly well.

Fast forward to day 3 (Saturday) and I was in trouble. I probably wouldn’t have been had the “fight” I encountered with Sampson, my beloved cat, not happened. It was 6AM Saturday morning and I was definitely running late getting out the door for my shift at the hospital. Sampson really likes to play games in the morning and always ALWAYS does the exact opposite of what you want/NEED him to do. He was in the office upstairs, which is a “no-no” for him to be in when we’re not present. There’s just way too many things he can get into, swallow, etc. We always shut that door when we’re not in there. Do you think he would get out of the desk chair and leave the room when I wanted him to? No. I’m trying to swoosh him out of the room, while holding a million things in my arms/hands (including my green tea), and he is just not havin it. Next thing you know, I’m leaning down to push him out the door and spilling all my green tea all over our carpet! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STUPID CAT! And so there ya have it. I was way too late to brew some more hot water, and I had to run out the door without my only means to caffeine.

I got to work on time, but had to get going on my “morning set up” routine for the unit and I didn’t get a chance to grab any tea until almost noon. GASP.  I was feeling it. I quickly ran downstairs to the cafe and got a diet lipton green tea with citrus bottle and chugged it. The headache was already there, though and it was too late. I had to resort to ibuprofen. GRRR.

So that proves I’m addicted to caffeine. BUT at least I know I don’t have to consume nearly the same amount each day like I was getting with all my coffee. And I’m actually finding that I kinda like the green tea. It’s growing on me.

And I will say that I’m finding it interesting that my mind doesn’t seem to be racing as much, I’m able to concentrate a bit more, and I’m definitely sleeping better. Hmmm…

Hard to say if the lack of coffee is really doing it or not as I’ve recently started some supplements that could be aiding in this as well. Either way, I’m surviving the no-coffee challenge and not fully hating it.

If I had quit cold turkey, that would be another story.

But I can honestly say that I can’t wait for October 7th when I will have 1, YES ONLY 1, cup of coffee and I’m going to enjoy the heck out of it!

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3 Responses to Only 9 more days to go

  1. lifeisarun says:

    How much coffee were you having everyday before you started this challenge?

  2. Greg says:

    Congrats on making it this far, your out of the woods! The rest should be no problem :) In the interest of your challenge, and your love of coffee (I do love it too), here is an informative article. Some things in there that I did not know for sure:

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