Because I don’t really have much to report…

I’ll do another blog of “crazy things you don’t know about Courtenay that are non-running related.”

I’ve done a couple of these in the past and they always seem to be a hit with readers. A few more “get to you know me” things that are just whacky. Sound good?

Sometimes ya gotta take a break from the running talk…

1. I have naturally curly hair. In fact I used to have loooooong super curly hair that went all the way down my back. Then right after my wedding, I cut it all off to my chin. I kept it short for 2 years and had to straighten it every day. Upon growing it back out long again, my hair is a giant ball of frizz. I can’t get it to be curly anymore! So now I literally straighten my hair with a flat-iron 5-6 days a week. No joke. It takes FOREVER. If I had known I was going to lose my curls, I never would have cut it all off!

2. I carry a very smooth rock I got from a doc in one of my scrubs pockets at work. I was told by this doc that if you’re feeling stressed, to hold the rock and feel how smooth it is. It’s supposed to remind you of the earth and make you feel more calm by its “smoothness.” I know. Sounds strange, but you know what? It works. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

3. My very first pet was a goldfish named Gilligan and my sister had Ginger. We got them by winning some game at a local school carnival. 2 days after getting them, Gilligan jumped out of the fish bowl and lost all of his “protective slime” on his body. The pet store told us to throw some salt in the water to help him build it back up. The next day, Gilligan and Ginger were both dead. Mr. Rogers was on tv that morning feeding his fish. I burst into tears and yelled at Mr. Rogers for traumatizing me.

4. More fish stories. I had a beta fish named “Pennie.” It was the first pet my hubby and I ever bought together. She lived with me because we weren’t married yet and still doing the long-distance dating thing. My brother-in-law “fish sat” for me one weekend and left the top off her small bowl. She jumped out and he found her dead. I got the call while driving on a freeway in Wisconsin. I pulled over to a local “Machine Shed restaurant” at the next exit and bawled my head off for hours after that. Over a beta fish. Yes, I was 25 years old. I’m very attached to my pets. We had several betas after that, but we’ve graduated to dogs and cats now!

5. I not-so-secretly hope to work in a vet clinic someday and leave the hospital world.

6. 90% of my clothes are from thrift stores. I am the Mayor of our local Goodwill on Foursquare.

7. When I was in HS, it was “so cool” to dress like a hippy. I was so into the bell bottom jeans and vintage tops.

8. I had a pager in HS before kids had cell phones. I actually had 2. Not at the same time. Did you ever have a pager?Now I have one at work and I’d love to throw it against the wall most of the time.

9. I spent 2 weeks in Spain and Portugal back in 2000 with about 70 of my friends on tour. It was such an amazing experience. We were on band tour back in college and as the band’s new “assistant conductor/student conductor” I got to conduct the band through a song on the steps of the Grand Cathedral in Granada, Spain. I’ll never forget it.

10. For my 21st birthday, my parents took me to a local guy who made custom conducting batons specifically designed/fitted for a director’s body. Next to my engagement/wedding rings, it is, to this day, the most meaningful gift I have ever received in my entire life. Today I can’t even bring myself to take it out of its case to hold it. The idea that I may never conduct an ensemble again is terrifying to me and I will bawl my head off. It was my entire life and I gave up a huge career opportunity. But in many ways I don’t regret decisions I’ve made either. If I had gone that route, I never would have married my husband and I’d be living in New York somewhere. Nothing to regret there…

11. I get extremely attached to things. Weird things. I remember in elementary school my parents bought a new couch for our living room. I was so sick to my stomach over them getting rid of our couch I’d known all my life, I stayed home from school that day and cried.  I thought the couch had feelings and it was going to feel so sad sitting on the side of the road waiting for the dump truck to come get it. I thought the couch would think we were abandoning it after all those years. Yep…crazy things kids think.

12. My husband and I did a long-distance relationship the entire time we were together up until 5 months before our wedding. We were 5 1/2 hours apart by car. He was my one and only long-distance relationship and I’m a firm believer in them. All my other relationships tanked and I fully believe it’s because we were both too “accessible” to each other all the time. My whole relationship with my husband from day one was built on trust and communication. We HAD to just trust each other and how we felt as there was no other way to communicate it. Couldn’t see each other in person. We spent hours talking on the phone getting to know each other, chatting online (AOL!!)  rather than being on dates with distractions. We built a very strong relationship from the start. Firm believer that they DO work! My mom and dad saw each other something like 3 times before they got engaged. They dated through “letters” as they lived in opposite ends of the country with my dad being in the army.

Ok. That’s enough for now! Don’t wanna bore ya’ll. Leave a comment below or on facebook or DM and tell me something random about yourself! I love these comments!






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4 Responses to Because I don’t really have much to report…

  1. I’m with you on long distance relationships! My husband and I were 3 hours apart when we were dating and it was perfect. I think it made us really secure in our relationship and allowed us the freedom to be passionate about other things. To this day, we enjoy our time apart. And I think that keeps our relationship healthy.

  2. blondelovestorun says:

    I am an animal lover myself. My first dog was a half spitz (not spell right) and half cockerspaniel named Puff. When he ran he sounded like he was huffing and puffing..ha! I loved that dog. I had him for 15 years, and he thought he was king of our street. I always get the misfit animals. I have had three dogs that have had and have a seizure disorder. Weird…they find me. My dog now has seizures and diabeties, and my cat has thyroid issues and an attitude! I too would love to work in a vet clinic. I have more compassion for animals than humans sometimes. I know that sounds awful, but animals can not tell you what is wrong or what they feel. And people who abuse animals or just dump them off to survive on their own, really upsets me.
    I cry at the commericals on Tv with animals in them (you know the ones) and I cry at the commericals with veterans in them, because my husband is in the military and a veteran. I am a very emotional person I guess. Weird I know.
    When I was growing up I loved to pogo. I could pogo for every. I could ride a unicycle, and walk on stilts. Probably could not do it now. Balancing on stuff was my thing (schocking because three years ago I tripped over a handicaped ramp and broke her arm.)

  3. I had a pager in high school, too. And we wore “hippie” clothes back then as well. That’s what got me started on my Goodwill shopping habit! I love thrift stores, especially Goodwill. I buy clothes there at least once a month.

  4. Raquelita says:

    I once had one of those extremely expensive Japanese thermal straightening perms on the recommendation of a friend. If your time is worth more than your money, you might consider it. I think I paid $400 but I didn’t have to touch a flat iron for 8 months. These days I like the versatility of my wavy hair.

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