Introducing Cherie!!!!

Can you BELIEVE it?? Here we are and another new month is upon us already. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was debuting another guest blogger, but nope, it’s been a whole month already. CRAZY.

My girl, Cherie is the BOMB. She and I “met” somehow (can’t really remember. Twitter? Blog world?) several months ago and we’re like sistas from anotha motha. We have lots in common, and we’re both a little bit crazy – but in a good way! Her blog has been a real inspiration to many MANY people and I knew right away she would be a great guest blogger to share with you all. Her weight-loss journey and her awesome story of overcoming unemployment, career changes, and stress fracture injuries is truly AMAZING. The girl is pretty darn funny too!I am so thankful to call her my friend.

So without me blabbing any further…here’s CHERIE!

Hey everyone! I am absolutely honored to be Courtenay’s guest blogger for September!  My name is Cherie and I blog at Cherie Runs This.

Don’t be a stranger–feel free to stop by and visit! Though I must warn you first—despite the catchy name, my blog is not running-centered {I make no mention of PRs, I’ve not run in any races and I JUST learned what negative splits are}. It’s more so focused on healthy living in general. Make no mistake about it; I love running. Loooove it. But I also love lifting weights, core work and hot yoga, so I will frequently talk about those, too. I’m also a crazy foodie and love to chat about trying new, healthy, nom-worthy munchies. But then I’ll randomly go off topic one day and discuss my obsession with the Pittsburgh Steelers {don’t hate, haha}, the delicious golden nectar of the gods—beer {it’s the nom-worthiest of all} or the challenges and rewards of being on a weight loss journey {I’ve lost 60 pounds in the past year and a half!}.

I was a big girl, huh? That’s what the death of my mother to cancer, a herniated lumbar disc, bed rest for months and being fired for not being able to work, all in the span of six months {from June-December 2009} did to me. I sometimes joke that every pound my mother lost during her quick battle with cancer, I found. Not necessarily funny, but it helped me not take responsibility for gaining so much weight cope. I decided to start fresh and go back to school in January 2010.

While at school, one of my professors had to nerve to tell me {in front of other students} that I looked like Precious—not that I looked precious, but that I looked like her. You know, the big, fat black girl from the movie Precious! I was mortified and thought to myself, “Oooooh, you dun did it now!” But of course, I said nothing to him. I was too ashamed that I had let myself go like that. Most everyone I know told me I should have reported him, punched him, slapped him or said something back to him. I did none of that. I did take action though.  I started working out and eating right. 18 months later, I no longer look like Precious {But I do hear Jennifer Hudson! I’m on my way to that at least!}.

Can you believe he had the nerve to try to flirt with me the smaller I became?! As if!! So whatever it is, take someone’s hateful words and use them for inspiration! That’s my free tip o’the day.

Anyhoooo, it recently dawned on me that I love working out, getting fit, healthy eating and inspiring people to do the same. So in the spirit of a lot of ex-cast members from The Biggest Loser, I’m currently studying to be a personal trainer! Woo hoo! In just a few short months, I’ll have initials after my name—NASM-CPT {National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer}! How awesome it will be to get paid to do what I love!

Speaking of love and bringing this guest post full circle, that’s right friends, I do love running. But excluding this past Friday, I have not run in the last 16 weeks because for the entire summer I mostly looked like this:

I couldn’t run at all. Hence the love of weights, abs and hot yoga! They kept me sane and kept the weight off. I was amazed at how much I missed running though! Me? Miss running? But I really did. I am a newbie and it took some doing for me to fall in love with it. But once I fell, I fell hard. I just really started to kick my running into high gear this past March actually. And boy, do I mean high gear! I wasn’t running smart at all. I was doing too much, too soon, too far and too fast for what my body could handle and it didn’t like it. Enter the stress fracture! I was on my way to training for the police academy and that completely got derailed due to the not being able to run. You HAVE to run in the academy. A LOT. It’s like boot camp. And though I may not like it, or understand it at the time, everything {in my opinion at least} does happen for a reason. The summer off from running gave me time to learn more about the sport and be smart about it. It also stopped me from entering a career that was completely unsuited for me and led me to one that is perfect! Thanks, running! J

All righty, friends. I hope you enjoyed my little guest post! I had fun doing it and give a zillion thanks to Courtenay for allowing me to chat with y’all!

Quick UPDATE!!! Check out Cherie’s FABULOUS NEWS HERE.

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8 Responses to Introducing Cherie!!!!

  1. blondelovestorun says:

    Cherrie your story is awesome. I can relate to your hard work. Since 2010 I have lost 60 pounds, and still working at it. I really do not have any more weight to loose, but I am learning how to tone up. I too have over come a butt load of injuries including stress fractures. You and I too have a lot in common. I was a newbie runner, and still am a newbie even though I have been running almost a year and half, but I fell in love with it instantly. I wasn’t because I thought it was easy. Heck, no, because it was not easy, but I was pig headed and told myself “you are gonna do this if it kills ya.” Some days I thought that was what I was doing to myself. Good luck on your personal trainer goal. I think that is awesome.

    • First congratulations on your weight loss!!! I love hearing other’s stories. They’re so amazing and inspiring! We do have a lot in common! Haha, yes, I took on the same attitude of “you’re gonna do this if it kills ya.” I just needed to get out there, put one foot in front of the other and have at it. I’m happy I did. :-)

  2. Thank you so much Courtenay! I’m honored to be a part of your blog as the September Guest Blogger!!! Awww, and you said the sweetest things! YOU are definitely inspiring too!!! :-)

  3. Pamela says:

    Thanks, Courtenay for having Cherie as your Guest Blogger! I really enjoyed it! And Cherie, may God continue to be with you–and inspire you–as you inspire others to achieve their goals. I’m going to run tonight after work!!! All the best! Pam

  4. Pink Runner says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaat a professor said that?! Was it someone from IUP? If it was you have to send me a direct tweet and tell me who! You are just as hot as Jen Hudson :)

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