They call me the “goose whisperer”

First, if you haven’t read this post before, you should.

I was out on a long walk this morning (how I decided to start my day since it is GORGEOUS outside), and I took my normal running route. I ran into a few neighboring runners out doing their thing while I was on my stroll. I see the same people all the time, and we always say our nice “pleasantries” to each other. We should really just stop and chat at some point. Maybe that’ll be a goal of mine; get to know my running-obsessed neighbors.


I walk/run by these gaggle of geese all the time. Earlier this summer I was always hissed at and practically chased by them. But recently I’ve noticed they just leave me alone now. At first I thought maybe they were just getting used to people being all up in their territory 24/7 (tons of bikers/runners/walkers along our trail system by my house), but I was proven wrong this morning.

I came up on the usual crowd of geese and proceeded to walk gingerly around their green little piles on the sidewalk. They just stared at me or walked away. Some just stood there. This has been the norm for a couple of weeks now. About 15 seconds later, I passed one of my soon-to-be runner friends and he totally got  hissed at and CHASED!

That’s right, ya’ll. I’m the goose whisperer. They like me! They really really like me! :)

Ok. Stupid post, but it kinda made my day. I then spent the rest of my walk fretting over a giant white husky dog I came across limping through some trees. He was not lookin fabulous, had a very thick coat of fur, was matted, and definitely panting a ton. So I spent a majority of my morning attempting to get this dog some help.

I realize accidents happen, pets can get away, but really people?? No tags? No chip? SAD. This is the 2nd time in a little over a year I’ve had to try to rescue a lost animal. Last year it was a cat that showed up on my doorstep meowing for hours.

I have a HUGE heart for animals (big dog lover right here), so it just pains me to no end to see animals suffering or mistreated. Remember last week? I watched one episode of Animal Cops: Houston and spent several hours scouring the internet for puppers to adopt. Unfortunately we don’t have the room, finances, or amenities to have any other little creature join our family of 4. But if we ever get a bigger house, you had better believe there will be another dog making its way into my life.

I’m blabbing.

Got my walk in, probably hitting up the gym tonight, and getting a good night of sleep. Packet pick-up for Saturday’s race is tomorrow!


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2 Responses to They call me the “goose whisperer”

  1. Cherie says:

    Haha, it was not a stupid post at all. It was very cute. :-) I’m glad you made your peace with the geese and saved a doggie!

  2. Michele says:

    My daughter, husband and I frequent a near by pond that has a bunch of geese and ducks. People hand feed them all the time. We are known by the geese they come to us when we walk up because we go there almost every day. When we first started going there was one goose that would attack everyone. I was sitting there holding out some bread and instead of eating this goose bit me! You’d think they couldn’t hurt you but he left giant bruises. So to distract him from other people and kids (especially my own) I followed him and got in his way of chasing anyone. From that day forward he wouldn’t leave me alone. He followed me, honked at me, sat with me, and actually threw fits when he couldn’t get to me due to a blocked path of some sort. Unfortunately, my daughter and husband were no longer allowed near me as he would attack them, and anyone else who came near us. We were good friends. But, he’s gone now. Where? I have no idea. I’m hoping animal control didn’t remove him due to his hostility. I’m hoping that maybe he migrated to mexico. (We live in south Texas) Wish me luck on seeing him again one day. BTW does anyone know what his behavior meant? He would lower his head and do this.. whisper high pitch type of honk….. I’d always pet his back when he did it but I never figured out why he’d do it. He loved being pet. He wouldn’t really eat from me tho, and he fancied chewing on my hair.

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