Mission Monday #15 (6/20-6/26)

Ok. I’m back with Mission Monday.

I can honestly say, this whole new approach to training has really been fantastic for me. Right now, I’m technically fully trained and ready to run all the races I’ve registered for through the rest of 2011. The idea of that has really released me from a ton of pressure. The only two goals staring me in the face is the Bear Water Run 10-miler in September and the Monster Dash Half Marathon in October. Neither of which I have registered for. I am trying a new training plan of “get comfortable with the distance first, and THEN decide if you want to race or not.”

Gee…who woulda thunk that makes more sense?? Duh.

All this time I felt I needed a race registered and paid for as “motivation” to get my butt out the door. And yeah, that’s probably OK for 5Ks and whatnot, but longer distance races? Not such a good idea for me.

And it’s amazing the stress release I’ve had this past week since making my 1/2 bail out decision. Truly.

So Mission Monday’s are gonna be pretty much the same, but with less pressure for me! If I can keep my butt injury free, I absolutely see no reason why the 10-miler race shouldn’t happen. That thought doesn’t even freak me out. So I’m taking that as a positive.

I’m blabbing.

Monday – 5 mile run (I’m heading out in 20 minutes)

Tuesday – Cross-train, start a new weight/strength training regimen

Wednesday – 3 mile tempo run & try yoga again if my calf/shins will allow me to bear full weight on it.

Thursday – OFF due to work

Friday – OFF due to work and pre-race

Saturday – Time to Fly 10K race down on Harriet Island (7:30AM start)

Sunday – Cross train

Full recap later today of Saturday’s fabulous Fill Their Plate 5K race downtown Minneapolis! A HUGE PR SMASH! Yeah, baby!

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One Response to Mission Monday #15 (6/20-6/26)

  1. Good thinking! I should try that but I kinda think I need the motivation. But then again I have a marathon this weekend and am totally unprepared and am probably going to collapse at the finish line. Can’t wait to hear how your plan works out!!

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