I’d like to introduce you to my leeeeettttllle friend…


I bit the bullet and bought a 2nd pair of running shoes to throw into the rotation. Ya’ll know I loooove my Asics Gel Enduro 5s. I’m sort of an Asics addict now when it comes to shoes. I had tried on a bazillion different pairs now that I know they’d discontinued the Enduro 5s and the new Enduro 6s aren’t getting as high of ratings.

So I’d been stalking a few pairs based on what I know my feet like best in regards to the “under pronating I do and the cushioning I tend to need” based on the analysis I had done at the running clinic. And I was keeping an eye out for a super good deal on a few different styles. Enter Ebay. Ya’ll know I stalk ebay 24/7 and get most of my running gear on there. So imagine my lovely surprise when I discovered the Asics Gel Pulse 2 on ebay, BRAND NEW, for only $47 + $11 for shipping. The dang shoe retails for $85 everywhere else.

So what is a girl to do?? I agonized over it until the last day it was on ebay and then drove my butt to the store to try it on one last time. I was in looooove the second I got the shoelaces tied. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

They will go nicely with my Enduros and I look forward to giving them a whirl once they arrive. I hope to keep 2 shoes in active rotation to give my feet a bit of a break once in a while and not go for broke buying shoes constantly.

And I LOVE the silver & tangerine colors. LOVE it.

They should be here very soon as the ebay store I bought it from is down the road from me a few miles! YAY!

My new friends…

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One Response to I’d like to introduce you to my leeeeettttllle friend…

  1. Lisa says:

    Yay for new shoes. Snazzy colors too – they remind me of a tiger. Just think of yourself running like a tiger as you zip along in these. :-)

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