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To the poor little kids I just traumatized in front of their daycare…

Being a runner isn’t always this bad. And you don’t always throw up. Today just wasn’t my day. Promise me when you grow up and want to start being more active and want to start running, you won’t remember the … Continue reading

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6-weeks of rehab (in a nutshell)

6-weeks of running rehab… 5K Runs 1. 31:00 2. 30:22 3. 27:49   5K Races 1. 29:05 (Challenge Obesity 5K 4/9/11) 2. 30:14 (Seminole Stampede 5K 4/16/11)   4-mile Runs 1. 41:25 2. 37:59   4 1/2-mile Runs 1. 43:14 … Continue reading

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Are you one of these 4 Insanely Irritating Runners?

I saw this post floating around twitter last week and literally almost choked on my lunch I was laughing so hard. I’ve only been racing for 7 months, but I have literally encountered at least one, if not more of … Continue reading

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He signed off on me…

My time with the sports doc has come to an end for right now. And that’s a GOOD THING. He sat down and talked to me today for a solid 45 minutes in his office about my goals, what I’m … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned in 6 weeks…

Well I’ve officially been back to full-time training for 6 weeks now. I have to say, it’s been AMAZING to get back into it. I had a lot of fears and doubts when I first jumped right back into running … Continue reading

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This is why I run.

For moments like this. And while I realize I could be eating a lot worse things like Big Mac Whoppers and Coldstone Creamery to celebrate, I still don’t allow myself Chipotle on a regular basis. Why? Because I’m addicted to … Continue reading

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GIRLS! I need your advice (please let me be vain for a hot minute)

I need something to keep my side-swept bangs off my face while running. They’re in my eyes, or they’re blown back in the wind and post-run, my bangs are standing STRAIGHT UP and I look like I’m ready to croak. … Continue reading

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See? Now I wish I would have asked the hubby first…

So there WILL be a picture of Chipotle on here. I promise. It’s just going to have to be tomorrow. It was stupid of me to think that the hubby would just “be available” to go and get Chipotle today. … Continue reading

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If there’s a picture of a Chipotle burrito bowl on here Tuesday…

You’ll know that I ran my full 8 mile run. I promised the hubby back in January that he and I would go out for Chipotle to celebrate my first 8-mile run. I was just on the brink of that … Continue reading

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Tornadic weekend…

Here in good old Minny, we had 2 “lovely” tornado outbreaks this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday early evening, my co-worker came flying out of our break room to tell me there was a tornado warning in the town … Continue reading

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