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Lying in a really noisy tube getting an MRI gives you a lot of time to think…

I remember when I started running, I told the hubby “It’s not expensive at all! I just have to get some cheapo tennis shoes and pay for a race every once in a while.” Little did I know… This post … Continue reading

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I blab in this post. Sorry.

People ask me all the time why I run. Simple answer. I like the way it makes me feel. I feel better knowing that I’m doing something proactive with my life, my body, my mind, etc. It keeps me occupied … Continue reading

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A real runner would have run in the rain

Have you missed all my crazy gym stories?? I know you have! It’s been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve actually pounded out miles on the gym track and I can’t say that I truly missed that frustration. Today here in … Continue reading

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Just sayin…

Straight up… I’ve been taking glucosamine chondroitin for 2 months now. My knees NEVER hurt. EVER. Before they plagued me with aches and pains every single day and constant clicking. I’d have to immediately ice them post-runs or have major … Continue reading

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Mission Monday #9 (4/25-5/1)

Monday: Cross-train Tuesday: 4-mile run Wednesday: Cross-train Thursday: Cross-train Friday: 4-mile run Saturday: REST Sunday: Cross-Train Due to me having to work 50 hours this next week, I’ve decided to re-arrange my Sunday “long run” to next Monday morning. I’m … Continue reading

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I named my IT band. Yep.

Well my run came up on me today and I was a whole ball of nerves about it. My first 6-mile run post injury. I have to be honest, this 10K is stressing me out. I’ve had it on my … Continue reading

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Introducing new things to my already blessed life.

Some new things that made it into my Target grocery basket this morning… I LOOOOOOOVE Market Pantry’s brand of protein/nutrition bars. The peanut butter and chocolate ones have been the best I’ve had so far. Look what I discovered this … Continue reading

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Never in a million years…

did I think a Miley Cyrus song would literally bring me to tears. I’m NOT a Miley fan. I never have been, and most likely never will be. I can say that with 100% certainty. In fact, if you ask … Continue reading

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Yeah…all that snow? It’s gone.

This was what it looked like outside right after I finally rolled my butt out of bed this morning. April 20th. Before today, the latest snowfall I remember in the million years I’ve lived in MN, was April 12th. Way … Continue reading

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It’s the middle that’s a little bit foggy…

I don’t remember my races. Like nothing about any of them. I remember the “before” and I remember the “after,” but if you asked me to give details about my run during a race, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea … Continue reading

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