Oh yes…I’m gonna ask

If you’ve ever had a stress fracture in your shins, do tell how it all began.

What were your symptoms?

Starting to think my “phantom shin pain” for the past 3 weeks aren’t so “phantom-ish” after talking to one of the docs I work with today.

The hip? Straight up fine today.

AND P.S. Where are ya’ll at?? I was expecting my google reader to blow up on me when I got home from being gone all day with no access to checking my blog roll. I’ve only got 4 of you that blogged today?? What are ya’ll doin? Help a sista out and BLOG! I need entertainment!

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3 Responses to Oh yes…I’m gonna ask

  1. Kelly says:

    Ive had shin splints before. Kinda dealing with them now. I ice them a few times a day and that seems to help and streching them. For me its pain on my shins and it shoots up the side of my calf. Sometimes it goes away during a run then comes back. becareful cause they can take time to heal. Feel better.

  2. Jena says:

    Don’t you have new shoes in your closet? Get them out and run in them. How many miles are on your current shoes?

    Ice your shins and take a few days off..totally..and rest.

    • Courtenay says:

      I do have a nice new pair in the closet. I only have 130 miles in on my New Balances, though. I can’t get myself to “go there” yet. I think I just suck at stretching and thus this might be causing all my lovely problemos.

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