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You know what I’m doing tomorrow?

NOTHING. I’m planning on not even getting out of bed. Not until the hubby gets home at 8PM if I can help it. I will have to get out of bed to walk to and from the bathroom, but that’s … Continue reading

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Where are my Bachelor-watchers at? If you’re into the spoilers, I’m pretty sure you should check today. Yep. Thank you to @Lovesazzie for the heads up. I’ll be at work till late tonight, and I’m planning on spending all … Continue reading

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By the time I reach 8:30 tonight at work, I’ll have put in 52 hours in 4.5 days. And no, that doesn’t include overtime pay. I’m.So.Tired. And I’m mentally exhausted dealing with this constant hip pain. Yesterday, for 5 hours, … Continue reading

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My latest purchases

Foam roller. It hurts soooooo good. Go get one. Right now. You’ll thank me later.

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5 seconds away from a bucket-load of tears

Today has just been awful. Still at work. Do you ever have days where you feel you could just start crying at the drop of a hat? I’m there. I am pretty sure I just need to cry it all … Continue reading

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Not running

I’m putting myself on mandatory rest until at least Tuesday, if not longer. I will not be running tomorrow night as planned. I’m very worried and I have 4 races in the next 2 months I need to think about. … Continue reading

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Things I learned today…

7 mile run. DONE. Yep. I’m nuts. The hip? Driving me bonkers pre-run this morning. After the run? Feels “better,” but still kinda annoying me. But not anything I can’t handle. For right now. Icing later. Things I learned today… … Continue reading

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For breakfast. Sitting here eating a huge bowl of whole wheat spaghetti. I’m goin for it today. Training run re-cap when I get back this afternoon; assuming I don’t just drive myself straight to the emergency dept afterwards. (Kidding! KIDDING!…*kinda*) … Continue reading

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Oh yes…I’m gonna ask

If you’ve ever had a stress fracture in your shins, do tell how it all began. What were your symptoms? Starting to think my “phantom shin pain” for the past 3 weeks aren’t so “phantom-ish” after talking to one of … Continue reading

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Quick update

Hip is feeling MUCH better today. I sat on a bag of ice in the car while driving myself to work this morning at the crack of dawn and will do the same when I leave here tonight. However, I’m … Continue reading

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