Keep the stiletto heels at home prior to long runs

So walking around the Mall of America last night for 3.5 hours in heels probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve made in a while.  But I wanted to look good for my hubby for date night! Probably would have been OK if I hadn’t had to run 6 miles this afternoon with super sore feet, arches, and my hamstrings were pulled.


I did it anyway.

Kinda happy I ended up hitting the track later than I had originally wanted to.I see the same runners there every Sunday at the same time. I can definitely count on them to be there for some pure visual motivation. And they’re serious runners, ya’ll. You can tell just by how their bodies look. I hope to look all trim and super fit someday. Hoping my strength-training regimen will help me build up some muscle. Right now I’m lookin kinda rail-thin and gangly.

Ran the 6 miles and only stopped for approximately 30 seconds to slam down some Powerade Zero (mixed berry) between miles 4 and 5. Now I feel like I’m never going to be able to walk again. I’m so sore from the leg work I’ve done this week (lunges, squats, etc are not my friends). I felt fine after the run. I wasn’t exhausted, I had no side stitches, my ankles felt great, I wasn’t gasping for air, but my freakin knees ache and legs. I honestly can’t tell if it’s muscles or joints. I think I just need to soak in the tub. What is up with that??

I tried getting out of the car in the garage just a bit ago and my hubs says to me “Gee…on days like today I can really see why you like running…” All sarcastic-like. In his defense, I do look like death at the moment. Feelin the arthritis setting in at the ripe old age of 31 already. YIKES.

Here’s my post-run protein dinner at our local Denny’s Diner. YUM. Meat-Lover’s Skillet! :)

Loads of good food this weekend.

In other news…

My husband is a SAINT. He spent at least an hour of our date night yesterday following me around shoe stores while I tried on a million different running shoes. Right now I’m running in New Balance’s that I LOVE. I tried on several Saucony, Asics and New Balance pairs and I found 2 NB ones that I now covet…like it’s killing me not to have these shoes…



920′s (sorry pic so small-can’t find a better one)

Definitely going to need a new pair of shoes come the middle of May. I’ve got my eye out.

Any other New Balance lovers out there?

What did you do for exercise this weekend? Do tell!




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