My outdoor run rocked my socks off!

I did it!

3.08 miles OUTSIDE today.

My pace horrid (came in around where I was 4 months ago), the snow was way more compacted this time around, but still slick.

But who cares?!!? It was a beautiful, sunny day of 20 degrees with only 5 mph winds. I got in the car and mapped out a 3-mile run from our development and then hit the trails.


Felt so good to be back outside (even if my time was horrible).

Here’s me all bundled up and ready to head out (with no make up on and my bed head covered under my beanie). I really have to stop posting bad pics of myself.

And here’s my “oldest,” Murphy sitting on his window perch ready to watch “mom” attempt another winter run. Yes, he desperately needs a haircut.

So glad I got some quality time out in the fresh air. It did wonders for my mood today! :)

Now I’m off to a doc appt. as I discovered something oozing out from under my fingernail today that is apparently infected. GROSS.

How’s that for a nice ending to a great post?? ;-)

What did you do for exercise today?



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