Note to self…put the cat away while breathing like a “happy puppy”

Alrighty, people.

I hated the yoga. HATED IT. I don’t get the breathing. I’m not even remotely flexible. I had horrific pain in my back the whole time. I really disliked the DVD. The lady doing the yoga was creepy looking and doing on a circular shag carpet.

Now I only did 20 minutes from the beginning of the DVD and was hoping to use this to promote more stretching in my world. Perhaps the last 40 minutes will have something to do with stretching besides breathing like a “happy puppy.” You think? Stick your tongue out and pant like a “happy puppy?” REALLY!?!?!

Sorry. Just can’t get myself to take that seriously. Maybe I’m a snob.

The other thing? I had the dishwasher going on downstairs as the hubby started it before he left for work, and the cat was obsessive about rubbing up against me while I was trying to “deep breathe with my eyes closed.”

I’ll give it another shot, but so far not so good. Any suggestions on good DVDs to check into? Any that are particularly for runners? This one did not seem geared toward that particular sport at all.

OK…so then I did 10 minutes of a stretching workout video. FINALLY I felt like something I was doing was worth while this morning. I definitely learned some good stretches that I hope to incorporate before and after my runs. I’ll admit to you all that I hardly stretch before or after runs. *GASP* I know. The horror! Perhaps that’s why I’ve had knee crud going on in the past. No more, though. I’m gonna stretch myself to Gumby before and after all runs.

I finished up with 15 minutes of a strength training DVD. I am trying to do a lot of my strength training with free weights. The hubs and I went to Target last night to get me a double set of at least 5lb weights, but of course they were all out. So I had to do my strength workout with my trusty old Reebok 2 lb. free weights. What’s funny is that I actually felt like the 2 lbs were doing something, though. So maybe it’s a start? Here was my problem…A lot of the strength training DVD dealt with “plie” moves. My knee was cracking SO loud. At one point, my cat jumped up from the sound of my knee cracking, shrieked, and ran away. Plie moves aren’t workin for me.  So I wonder if there’s a way to adapt those squats with my knees together more? I mean seriously it sounded like the knees of a 97-year-old full of arthritis. Not cool.

So I’m feeling a bit more stretched out, my arms are feelin “good,” but my knees are cracking like crazy.

Day #1 of this new plan was kind of a bust. No worries. I’m not giving up on yoga. I just need to find one geared towards runners, I think.

I also need heavier weights.

And I need the cat to be shut away in the bedroom.

And now I’m off to work for the rest of the day…Happy Monday, friends!



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6 Responses to Note to self…put the cat away while breathing like a “happy puppy”

  1. Christina says:

    Hi, I’m a runner and I do yoga. I used to hate yoga until I discovered power yoga (Think its also called ashtanga or vinyasa). IT IS WONDERFUL. Faster paced and more geared toward athletes. Maybe you could try that.

    • Samantha says:

      I started to love yoga after going to a class that is faster paced – it was vinyasa or flow or something like that. You went through the positions faster and didn’t hold them for a painful amount of time, and I always disregard the breathing instructions and do what feels comfortable.

      For yoga and also for squats, you might want to talk to an instructor or trainer to make sure your form is good. That might help with the pain issues.

  2. Karen says:

    I do anusara, we don’t focus much on breathing but more on alignment. I will talk to my yoga instructor and see if she can recommend anything. I know there are short workouts at Maybe you could check that out. Good luck!

  3. Courtenay says:

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I didn’t realize there was different “types” of yoga with actual names. Definitely something to look into further so I can get the best plan for me and my goals. I appreciate your help TREMENDOUSLY!

  4. Val says:

    Does lifetime have a class? If so, try yoga there. You’ll get the benefit of the teacher helping you, especially if a pose is wrong.

  5. Katy says:

    I, too, suffer from knee cracks when doing deep lunges or plies. I always thought it was because I didn’t have enough muscle built up around the knees, etc. But after talking to many, it seems that some bodies are just prone to that and we have to modify our lunges and squats. (This is after getting my form checked, etc.) Bummer! Also: larger weights (free weights) are great for strength-building. If you are looking to tone, your 2lbs weights are perfect!

    Love your blog, it’s inspiring to me, too!

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