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Wanna know more about my life? Check out my page above entitled “My Other Loves…” Just in case ya’ll were wondering what/who I care about in life besides running!  

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Mission Monday #2 (1/31-2/6)

Monday – yoga and strength training Tuesday – 4 mile run Wednesday – 3 mile run + strength training Thursday – REST Friday – 4 mile run Saturday – 40 minutes cross-training Sunday – 6 mile run Saturday and Sunday … Continue reading

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Keep the stiletto heels at home prior to long runs

So walking around the Mall of America last night for 3.5 hours in heels probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve made in a while.  But I wanted to look good for my hubby for date night! Probably would have been … Continue reading

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Savory Saturday

Angel hair pomodoro with shrimp, garlic, basil, and multigrain pasta. Yum. I *heart* running.    

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I was literally shaking

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… I was on lunch break at work yesterday and was just about to log out of facebook when I hit my news feed one more time. Right there, in front of my face, was the announcement I’d been … Continue reading

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Oh what to do? What to do!?!?!?

Stay home and do my cardio work out program for 60 minutes tomorrow? Then hang out with my fabulous husband on date night?? OR… Go to the gym, hit the dumb elliptical and bike for cross training? THEN go out … Continue reading

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Tell me to RUN

So right now I’m in the middle of a CRAZY work schedule. In the next two weeks, I’m working something like 94 hours?? I don’t know. That’s with having 6 days off or something too. So needlesstosay, I’m kinda freaking … Continue reading

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My outdoor run rocked my socks off!

I did it! 3.08 miles OUTSIDE today. My pace horrid (came in around where I was 4 months ago), the snow was way more compacted this time around, but still slick. But who cares?!!? It was a beautiful, sunny day … Continue reading

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HELP! I need somebody…HELP! Not just anybody…Won’t you please, please help me???

Please excuse the Beatles tune for my post title.  I apologize now for the fact that this song will now be rolling through your head for the rest of the day. So I’m doing a run to benefit a local … Continue reading

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Note to self…put the cat away while breathing like a “happy puppy”

Alrighty, people. I hated the yoga. HATED IT. I don’t get the breathing. I’m not even remotely flexible. I had horrific pain in my back the whole time. I really disliked the DVD. The lady doing the yoga was creepy … Continue reading

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